Donate Now to Preserve the Legacy of Ghost Ranch

The Future of Ghost Ranch Lies in Sustainability — A sustainable environment, a sustainable financial picture and a sustainable people living in healthy community, growing and learning.

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$35,420 towards $650,000

In 2006 Ghost Ranch learned that the Presbyterian Church (USA) was no longer in the position to financially support the annual operating budget of the Ranch. Thankfully, a portion of the lost funding has been made up by people like you, our friends, who continue to support Ghost Ranch.

Since our loss of funding in 2006 we've become more and more strategic with more fundraising efforts, increased consumer awareness and communication, cost-cutting measures in operations and increased attendance and usage of our programs and facilities.

Yet, to keep services affordable, the fees we charge cover only 77% of our operating expenses. This means Ghost Ranch subsidizes 23% of peoples' experiences.

The Ranch is comprised of 21,000 acres or 33 square miles. Your gift is vital to keep Ghost Ranch viable, relevant, transformative and a sacred gift to families today and for all future generations. Your gift keeps us on the road to sustainability.

We greatly appreciate all you do to lead us to financial sustainability and incredible success.

Your gift is making a difference. Your gift adds value to peoples' lives. Your gift has a ripple effect around the world.